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Senior Photography Questions

Below are some of the questions we get asked frequently about our high school senior photography.

High school senior on the staircase of Grand Central NYWhen Baton Rouge Louisiana take over New York City for senior photos

Q. What locations are included in your senior shoots?

A. Any locations in the Baton Rouge area (within a 15 minute drive of Baton Rouge) are included. Some of my favorites, that match my style of photography are:

* Downtown Baton Rouge * - This is one of the best locations for my photo shoots, especially the Day2Nite shoot. I know, I know......... everyone goes there!! But that doesn't mean your photos are going to look like all your friends who went to other photographers. I try to use locations areas that are not over used and you are booking me because of my style, right? My style of photography is quite unique to this area so you know that you are going to get unique photos.

This also works really well because we have a great view of sunsets and also the city wakes up at night with all the street lights and gives us the perfect backdrop for your night photos.

* Denham Springs Antique District * - Believe it or not, Denham Springs actually has some amazing locations that provide great backgrounds with parks, rustic looks, industrial looks and the antique district at night can be impressive. You just need a photographer who knows where to find great places and can make them look stunning. Which I can.

* LSU Campus * - LSU campus is always a lot of fun with lots of different areas and different looks. This can be particularly good for the Traditional photo shoot but lends well to night shots with the older style architecture. Not available on game day weekends.

If you are looking for something a little different and don't mind spending some money on your location, then you might want to consider these:

* LSU Hilltop Arboretum * - Such a stunning place for the Traditional senior photo shoot. It has a very rustic feel to it with ponds and wooden boardwalk, little bridges over creeks and a covered deck area. You will need to book this in advance and will cost around $40 for the shoot.

* Baton Rouge Shaw Center * - Great indoor and outdoor venue that provides an incredible modern style that suits my work perfectly. Lots of glass, industrial metals and clean lines mixed with a rooftop view over the Mississippi River. You will need to book this place in advance and the fee is around $100 for the shoot.

We can travel outside of the Baton Rouge area if you wish, just let me know where you have in mind and we can chat about it.

Q. When are you available for High School Senior photo shoots?

A. Due to the craziness of the Louisiana weather, I high recommend the Fall time for Senior portraits. The humidity starts to reduce, we don't get as much rain and the natural sunlight is absolutely stunning during the Fall. I don't recommend leaving it any later than March as it is very close the graduation and the chance of getting rained out is very high. SO lets get it done nice and early. To make things even easier for you guys, I have now added online booking. So you can literally see what dates I have available and book your shoot online.

Q. How much will it cost?

A. That all depends on which package you would like to do. You can check out all the packages here. PRICING - SENIORS

Q. Do we get the digital images?

A. You do get a USB Flash Drive with the retouched digital images included in the destination packages to New York and London. In the local packages all prints, products and digital images are purchased separately.

Q. Can you hold a date for me?

A. Unfortunately I can not hold any dates without a signed contract and deposit.

Q. What deposit is required to book my shoot?

A. To see the deposit requirements for each package click here. PRICING - SENIORS

Q. Do you use a specific hair and makeup artist?

A. I highly recommend Verde Beauty Studio in Baton Rouge, Beauty by Boomie in New York and Makeup by Jodie in London. These are recommendations due to my experience but feel free to use anyone you want, but please make sure you let your makeup artist know that shoot times are set in stone due to lighting timing. Please make sure your hair and makeup is finished in plenty of time for you to arrive for your shoot start time.

Q. Can my hair and makeup artist come on the shoot with us?

A. Yes! I encourage you to bring the makeup and hair artists on location with us as it will help keep you camera ready at all times, but the artists are so good these days that I am sure you will look incredible even if they are not on location with us.

Q. How long will it take for my pictures to be ready?

A. Your gallery will be ready to view in around 7 days.

Q. Will all my photos be edited?

A. The first photos you see in your gallery will not be edited. You will see the raw images straight out of the camera. They will still look great as I aim to get photos as perfect in camera as I can without having to rely on editing software to correct mistakes. But I also understand that we all want the photos to look absolutely incredible and a little polishing doesn't hurt, so your final images, the ones you choose to order will be retouched and polished up to look even more brilliant.

Q. Can you edit my blemishes out?

A. I offer three levels of retouching/editing, here is what each of the levels costs and includes:

* COMPLETE RETOUCH * - Included in the price of your ordered images

- Removal of facial shine (not highlight removal)

- Removal of stray hairs

- Removal of skin blemishes

- Whitening of teeth and eye brightening

* COMPLETE PLUS RETOUCH * - $10 fee for each image

- Everything in Complete Retouch

- Removal of braces

- Removal of glare on glasses

- Removal of clothing wrinkles (if possible)

* SPECIAL SERVICES EDIT * - $20 fee for each image

- Everything in Complete & Complete Plus Retouch

- Edit to change age

- Edit to change body shape

- Remove people

- Remove buildings or cars

- Remove lens flare

Q. Can we shoot at a plantation?

A. Yes, as long as you have got permission, booked anything that needs booking and paid anything that needs paying. You are responsible for all location bookings, permits and fees. Please remember that traveling outside of the Baton rouge area may incur a travel fee.

Q. How do I book?

A. If you look in the menu on the left hand side of the screen you will see the option BOOK ONLINE NOW! just click on that and you can book your senior photo shoot right now.