The Berry Barn Outside Wedding Ceremony at Night
ZeroFourFour Photography

The Berry Barn Outside Wedding Ceremony at Night

Flash lighting added to this rustic outdoor wedding ceremony to create beautiful Berry Barn ceremony photo.

It is sometimes quite surprising how quickly we can lose the natural sunlight for an outdoor wedding ceremony. This ceremony at The Berry Barn was a few minutes behind schedule, only a few minutes too but when the groom made his way tot he front of the aisle with his officiant and best man, there was nearly no natural light.

By the time the bride walked down the aisle towards her husband to be, we were in complete darkness, just a little light coming from the chandelier at the front and a couple of small lights the barn.

That's not a problem though, I anticipated that this could happen so I had two flashes set up on either side of the venue just in case I needed them and when I did, I just flicked a switch on my camera and set them in to action.

One flash was aimed at the groom's face and the other was aimed at the bride's face so that we didn't miss any special moments and in my opinion, we captured some really cool photos in the dark. This one has such an elegance and I love it. Part of being a professional wedding photographer is being able to think on your feet but with experience also comes the ability to anticipate any potential problems and solve them before they become problems. I see any problem at a wedding as just an opportunity to be more creative.

Location: The Berry Barn, 56186 Holden Cir, Amite City, LA 70422.