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Rich emerald green forrest for this Bridal portrait
LSU Hilltop Arboretum Bridal Photograph in Baton Rouge
Elegant and Rustic bridal portrait in Mississippi
Natural light garden bridal portraits
Classic and Timeless traditional southern bridal photo
Bridal portraits in abandoned church
baton rouge louisiana wedding photographer bridal photo
Stylish bridal portrait in the warm natural sunny glow
Natural light bridal portrait at Hilltop Arboretum

Traditional Southern Bridal Photos by Baton Rouge Wedding Photographer

Bridals are a southern tradition that celebrates the bride and her dress before the big day. We mix tradition with contemporary to give the ultimate bridal photos.

Bridal portraits are part of every wedding day and most places we take a few minutes after the bride gets dressed on her big day to capture some stunning photos of her in her wedding dress.

Down here in the south we do things a little different, we take a whole photo shoot a few weeks before the wedding day to show off how incredible the bride looks in the dress that has been dreamt about since the bride was a little girl.

It doesn't matter whether you do bridals on the day or as a separate photo shoot all on it's own, the important thing is that we preserve that memory of how stunning the bride looks in that dream dress. As you can see above I work hard to give the dress a setting that suits the style to showcase it. It might be a rustic look or an elegant low light surrounding or maybe a fairytale forrest feel. Perhaps a modern contemporary is your style, whatever it is we will provide stunning Bridal portraits.