Louisiana Makeup artist branding and business headshots
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Louisiana Makeup artist branding and business headshots

Louisiana Makeup artist branding headshots for her business in Prairieville near Baton Rouge and New Orleans

There are many reasons to need good headshots and one of the biggest things that a business owner tends to over look is a great headshot. So much time and effort goes in to making a great website and offering amazing customer service and producing the best product or service, but they forget about a great headshot.

Branding in businesses like photography, hair & makeup, fitness coaching, life coaching, real estate and so many more is about branding yourself. You are the face of your company and we want tomato sure that the face people see is one they want to work with and will trust with their needs.

A bad headshot is like turning up to a job interview with spinach in your teeth and something hanging from your nose. lol. Think of all the money you might spend on marketing your company, just to fall down on your headshot. A professional headshot session is such a small part of your marketing budget. Book it now.

Location: Bricksome Ave, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.