Professional headshots for Baton Rouge executive
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Professional headshots for Baton Rouge executive

New business headshot for Baton Rouge executive professional working in the Louisiana chemical industry for a fortune 500 company

A good, clean and sharp headshot is important for anyone in the business world. Whether you are part of a a small local business or a billion dollar fortune 500 company, the importance of a first impression is the same.

Some people call a headshot a digital handshake and now more than ever our customers and clients want to know what we look like before they chat with us. The Covid-19 pandemic has made it ever more difficult to have that personal connection with each other, so being able to see a great photo of someone really helps us communicate better and put everyone at ease.

Even with Zoom and all video calls we like to see what someone looks like before we see them on screen. So make sure your headshot is up to date. I am ready to shoot your headshot in Baton Rouge Louisiana studio and you can even book online to make things easier, but don't forget to check out my headshot before you arrive at the studio.

Location: Studio, Bricksome Ave, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.