Cool and dramatic guy senior shoot near Baton Rouge
ZeroFourFour Photography

Cool and dramatic guy senior shoot near Baton Rouge

The day2nite senior photo shoot from Baton Rouge's highly sought after photographer is such a great option for senior guys who want to look cool and dramatic as well as some traditional images like mom wants.

No weird posing or feeling uncomfortable in front of the camera. No crazy photoshop editing. We want to put you in an environment where you feel comfortable and an be yourself. Thats when we get the best pictures of you guys.

If a typical senior photoshoot isn't your thing, then have a look at a night shoot or maybe check out my sports and hobby photo shoots. Your senior year deserves to be documented in photography but we also understand that you don't always want to be in front of the camera posing for the tradition senior style photos. That's exactly why ZeroFourFour offers you something different.

Location: Denham Springs, Louisiana.