Day to Night high school senior photo shoot Baton Rouge
ZeroFourFour Photography

Day to Night high school senior photo shoot Baton Rouge

Edgy and Dramatic Senior Portrait in Downtown Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

There are a few things that I can not resist as a photographer, a few things that drive my creativity over the edge and one of those things is skies. Down here in the South near the Gulf of Mexico we have crazy weather. It's hot and humid with frequent thunderstorms and torrential rain mixed in with 9 months of summer every year.

All that craziness with weather means that we get crazy skies too. Skies will always be unique. Even on a cloudless, bright and sunny day the color of the sky will be different from any other day, the sunset will be different from any other day and that means eery single day we get a fresh new backdrop that has never been used before and can never be used again. I know it is trendy to have this blown out, light and airy style at the moment, but why lose the natural backdrop?

In this Senior photo we were originally photographing over the Mississippi River but when I turned around and saw this drama happening in the sky above the city, I could not resist.

The model's edgy outfit and the wind blowing her hair as the storm comes in over the modern building of downtown Baton Rouge made this image what it is. Epic! It really was the perfect storm.

Location: River Road N, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.