Be different with your Baton Rouge senior photo shoot
ZeroFourFour Photography

Be different with your Baton Rouge senior photo shoot

Not your ordinary highly repeated Baton Rouge senior photo shoot. Be different with a Day2Nite senior photo shoot.

This is Kayla from Central Private high school near Baton Rouge Louisiana. This photo of Kayla is part of a Day2Nite senior photoshoot where we start the shoot in the daylight where we capture beautiful traditional senior photos, but then when the sun starts to go down and all the other photographers are packing up their equipment and heading home, we are just getting going.

The sunset provides a unique backdrop every single day and with my lighting expertise we make sure that no matter whether we get dramatic clouds, clear blue, multi-color, or overcast storm skies, we capture that unique background for you.

With the night comes the shadows and an elegant but edgy style that combines the street lights of any city in the background with a high fashion style of photography. My drive to be different is what makes me one of the most sought after senior photographers in the State.

Location: Downtown Baton Rouge, Louisiana.