Fierce senior photo on the streets downtown Baton Rouge
ZeroFourFour Photography

Fierce senior photo on the streets downtown Baton Rouge

This fashion inspired day to night high school senior photo shoot looks amazing as this model walks fiercely through the streets of downtown Baton Rouge

When I started with high school senior photography I wanted to offer something more than the traditional style of pretty girls sitting in a field or by a tree with the same natural light look. I am not saying it is a bad style as I understand that most people want that look, I even shoot that look at most of my photoshoots. But, do you really need 50, 60 or even 70 photos that all look the same except for a different outfit? I honestly don't believe so, which is why I created the day to night senior photo shoot. This was something that no other photographer in the country was doing and when I first started doing it, I was ridiculed a little. I didn't care though, I loved what I was doing and I truly believed that people would love it once they understood it.

Now, there are hundreds throughout the US copying my style to give seniors an amazing photoshoot of lots of different looks. I love that! I am happy that photographers can give people something different to the traditional while incorporating the traditional. Saying that, do you want to shoot with the original creator or the photographer who aims to be like the original creator? ;)

Location: Downtown Baton Rouge, 326 N 3rd St, Baton Rouge, LA 70801.