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Pageant Queen or Model that is the question
Studio model portfolio portrait high fashion
Beauty headshot for Baton Rouge model
Model life for this studio session with Katherine Haik
Outdoor fashion styled model portfolio photo shoot
Studio model portfolio building image in red dress
High fashion style studio photo shoot in Louisiana
White fur and platinum hair for this fashion photoshoot
Fashion styled pageant studio headshot

Model Portfolio building photography in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Aspiring models use our Portfolio Building photo shoot to establish a solid portfolio to show in auditions to get their dreams going in the right direction.

Start your modeling aspirations the right way by making sure you have a strong portfolio to start with. This portfolio is what you can present to agencies, boutiques, fashion designers and any other business looking to hire a model for promotional work.

A model can never have too many looks in their portfolio but great solid images from both inside and outside are a great starting place and every time another project is completed you can just build your portfolio to make it bigger and bigger with experience.

My Portfolio building shoots are half inside at my Baton Rouge studio which is fully equipped with fashion style lighting and backdrops. The other half of the photo shoot is in an outdoor location nearby to the photography studio, where we will use both natural light and off camera flash to give an editorial look look and a natural look to give even more diversity in the final images.

If you are looking to start a modeling career or maybe kick start an existing career with a fresh new portfolio, then this is definitely something to be looking at.