High School Senior Football Player near Baton Rouge
ZeroFourFour Photography

High School Senior Football Player near Baton Rouge

Central Private High School football player ready for the go to his senior season on the field near Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

If you are in to your sports or have a hobby that you would like to capture, why not book a shoot as an add on to your senior photo shoot and let me create something different than the normal. So many times I see a high school senior get a couple of shots thrown in to their high school senior photo session of a hobby that has been such a huge part of their life.

If it has been such a big part of your life for a log time, doesn't it deserve to be shown i the best way possible?

You can book it as an add on to another senior shoot or maybe your hobby is what represents you most and you just want a hobby shoot with nothing else. Whatever works for you.

Location: Central Private High School, Central, Louisiana.