Mrs Louisiana America 2020 Pageant Winner
ZeroFourFour Photography

Mrs Louisiana America 2020 Pageant Winner

Photoshoot with Tricia Woods who was crowned Mrs Louisiana America in 2020 and Business Owner

Tricia will be heading on to bigger things and needed new headshots for her pageants. We captured so many amazing images and with Tricia also being a business owner we decided to photography something a little more fun with this monochrome styled yellow on yellow. These branding shots are all about giving off a fun and inviting look for a business owner.

It's very easy for a branding image to lose direction if someone is sat on their desk in the middle of their office with lots of distractions going on around them. Let your branding headshot tell everyone about you. Fun colors, cool edgy lighting, creative activities are all things to think about doing rather than just sitting in an office. You are more than a person at a desk.

Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana.