Pageant head-shot photo on dark grey fashion background
ZeroFourFour Photography

Pageant head-shot photo on dark grey fashion background

Pageant portrait created to use when entering competitions and to use as promotional cards when meeting guests and of pageants. Winner of Most photogenic

One of the areas that gets a little overlooked when it comes to pageants is the headshot. When judges are looking at every single detail and all the ladies are giving everything, the last thing you want is to be marked down points because of a less than amazing photo. Don't forget, with a good headshot also comes the chance of another award with most photogenic.

Press cards to hand out to all those young ladies looking to become the next Miss Teen USA or any pageant queen need to show every queen in their best light, so make sure your headshot shows you in the best light by booking with Baton Rouge premier headshot photographer.

Pageant headshots for pageant queens in Baton RougeJust a few of the incredible Pageant queens I have photographed

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