Pageant queen and model studio head shot photo shoot
ZeroFourFour Photography

Pageant queen and model studio head shot photo shoot

Model portfolio building photo shoot in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Model portfolios are never ending with constant updating from the work you do, but what if you haven't had any modeling work yet? You want to get in to modeling and all the auditions or meetings you go to will ask for modeling pictures, but you haven't got anything to show them yet because you need to work before you can get pictures from your work. It's a vicious circle.

Let me get you started with a range of great images to start your modeling portfolio on the right track. Or maybe you need some fresh pictures to update your current portfolio. The more photographers and the more styles you can work with the better, so take every opportunity you can to get new photos and experience new photo shoots.

Location: ZeroFourFour Photography, 11857 Bricksome Ave, Baton Rouge, LA.