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Fashion styled model portfolio builder photo shootMiss Teen USA pageant winner and published editorial model Katherine Haik in my studio Business owner Amanda of APristine Professional Hair & Makeup in Louisiana headshot session. Perfect for branding images.

Stunning headshot photos are a must for any Pageant queens for competition and promotional tours.





For his headshot clientele, Damion offers either a mini headshot session for those that want to get the job done in about a 30 minute time period or a standard headshot session that includes 90 minutes of shooting time. Should you require a variety of looks and outfits in order to promote your personal brand then we recommend choosing the standard session to allow for multiple changes.

For Damion's portrait clients, he not only likes to shoot a wide variety of looks, but also varies the lighting as well. These sessions generally last around 3 hours.

There is a 50% non-refundable deposit required to book a session and the balance is due on the day of your photo shoot.

Each session comes with a set amount of digital images included and you may choose to keep more at a cost of $25 per image. The images you wish to keep will be chosen at the conclusion of your session. When you are done shooting you will go through the pictures with Damion and chose the shots you would like to keep. Each image you would like to keep will have professional retouching.


Damion definitely made his name photographing portraits and has won many awards for his portrait work but with his modern style of headshot he quickly became one of the most sought after photographers for head shots in both the US and the UK. He genuinely loves to shoot both headshot and portrait photography.

During a headshot session, we keep the camera up close and personal. All the images are captured from the chest up while we concentrate on coaching you toward your best expression. That's something that Damion is extremely good at, he will coach you through the entire process to not only capture superb photos to to help you understand what looks good in camera. Backgrounds can be changed to add different look and we welcome multiple wardrobe changes too.

Portrait sessions allow Damion to get a little more creative to give a broader range of looks. You will get portraits and headshot styled images in this shoot but Damion will vary the lighting and locations and backdrops to give you everything you might need for your own marketing and branding purposes.


We photograph our in-studio headshot sessions out of a Baton Rouge studio near Sherwood Blvd close to the I-12. We like our clientele to bring a variety of clothing options and generally shoot a handful of different looks throughout each session.

Damion will be shooting tethered to his laptop so that we can discuss the images as they are captured. The ability for us to look at the shots as we go helps us make any adjustments and redirect the focus of the session to account for anything we feel you could additionally benefit from along the way.

At the end of the session, we'll so a review of the images. You'll be able to choose your favorites that you would like to purchase and keep.


Feel free to bring a range of different options for clothing. The go to rule is that if you don't love it, you probably won't like the photos of you wearing it. For corporate clients we suggest the men bring a variety of jacket/shirt/tie combos and the women bring some options of blouses/dress/jacket combinations. Try to keep accessories to a minimum, studs and small earrings work with simple necklaces. Anything too bulky or shiny can draw attention away from the most important part of the photo, which is obviously YOU.

For Pageant clients bring a selection of colors and necklines. Jewel colors work fantastic on camera, think of Ruby reds, Emerald greens, Sapphire blues, Amethyst purples. Also think of any colors that make your eyes pop and compliment your hair color most. Jewelry for pageants needs some bling, just try to avoid large flat earrings as they act as big mirrors with photography lights.

We will have a steamer in the studio to help with any wrinkling.


We do have a bluetooth speaker at the studio and encourage you to bring any playlists that you enjoy listening to. Music can help you relax. Obviously we will not have the music crazy loud so we can communicate but background music can certainly help you be yourself during the shoot.


Damion usually shoots headshot and portrait sessions on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays with multiple time slots available through the day and evening to accommodate clients with work schedules. Please do take in to consideration that after the session we will spend some time going through your images.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to book a spot on Damion's calendar. The fee is due at the time of booking and no dates/times are secured until the deposit is paid. You may book online here or contact us to set it up.

The remaining balance is due on the day of the session and can be paid directly to the photographer in the form of cash, check or card. Please make checks payable to ZeroFourFour Photography.

We like our clients to be 100% informed, so thanks for taking the time to read all of this pertinent information. If you still have questions feel free to ask us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you