Senior Fall portrait at LSU campus
ZeroFourFour Photography

Senior Fall portrait at LSU campus

Day 2 Nite Senior photo shoot starting at LSU College Campus.

This day to night senior photo shoot started at the LSU campus and went in to downtown Baton Rouge as the light went down and the street lights came on.

LSU college campus has so many different looks that it is really easy to find something to suit every personality, we started in the amphitheater where scenes from the movie Pitch Perfect were filmed and then worked around the campus a little finding great shots in the quad and outside the bell tower where this one was captured.

Keri Ann has an amazing look and a great style which lends itself to a huge variety of looks which shows in her photo shoot of sure.

I created the Day2Nite senior photo shoot because I love to photograph different settings. A high school senior photo shoot is traditionally very similar all the way through, just the outfits change but the location and lighting tends to stay the same. With the day to night photo shoot experience we start shootoing in the daylight to capture very traditional and pretty shots and as the day goes on we capture incredible sunsets and dark edgy and elegant shots in the dark. As the light changes naturally, the style of light I use to shoot with changes also, add to that a change of outfits and even a change in hair and makeup style....... this creates one amazing high school senior photo shoot experience.

Location: LSU Campus, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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