ZeroFourFour Photography
Reflecting Senior in Grand Central Station New York
Senior Photo in MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas
Golden sunset over the lake for Senior portraits
Senior photo in Brooklyn overlooking Manhattan skyline
High School Senior guy looking like a model at sunset
Beautiful Plantation venue for senior photoshoot
Senior portraits in Central Park Manhattan New York
Fierce senior photo on the streets downtown Baton Rouge
Backlit senior photo in Central Park Manhattan New York
Chandeliers in Grand Central Station Senior photoshoot
Be different with your Baton Rouge senior photo shoot
High School Senior Football Player near Baton Rouge
Edgy senior shoot on the rocks at night in the city
Storm forming over New Orleans High School Senior
Senior portraits at the antebellum house Oak Alley
Day to Night high school senior photo shoot Baton Rouge
Dark clouds in the sunset for this senior graduate
Edgy high school senior photos in abandoned building
Walker High School senior photoshoot in Denham Springs
Cool and dramatic guy senior shoot near Baton Rouge
High School Senior portrait at Rosedown Plantation
Stunning senior photo at the Louisiana State Capital
Plantation senior photo shoot at Oak Alley Louisiana
Natural light Senior photo in long grass at Rosedown
Dramatic storm sunset High School Senior in New Orleans
Beautiful backlit senior portrait in the sunshine
Senior guy looking cool in his suit for his photo shoot
Senior guy walking the streets in this Senior photo

Unique and Creative Baton Rouge Senior Photographer

Above are just a small sample of the award winning photography we do for Seniors to celebrate them graduating high school and moving on to the next stage of their lives.

ZeroFourFour Photography has been recognized as not only one of the best Senior photographers in the Baton Rouge and south Louisiana area, but as one of the top 100 senior photographers in the entire US. Winning awards each year for different images you can see the uniquely different style that ZeroFourFour brings to that all important graduation photography session.

We are so committed to giving our clients the ultimate pictures for their senior shoots that we also offer destination Senior shoots to New York and even London England. We do this because we know that everyone has a different style, and if the country style of Baton Rouge and the deep south isn't your style, then maybe New York City is.

Graduating high school is a celebration and senior photos are the way to provide a memory of that milestone in your life, what better way to remember it than a trip away for your portraits? Or at the very minimum, let us give you something different than the normal and different from all your friends.