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Reflecting Senior in Grand Central Station New York
Be different with your Baton Rouge senior photo shoot
Walker High School senior photoshoot in Denham Springs
Cool and dramatic guy senior shoot near Baton Rouge
Senior Photo in MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas
High School Senior portrait at Rosedown Plantation
Golden sunset over the lake for Senior portraits
High School Senior Football Player near Baton Rouge
Stunning senior photo at the Louisiana State Capital

What makes ZeroFourFour Senior Photo Shoots different?

We think different, it's as simple as that. When it comes to night school senior photo shoots Damion shoots the way he enjoys to shoot and that's what makes the Senior shoots different.

Damion loves photography, we know, we know................ what a cliche. Every photographer will tell you they love photography, well, they should. But why do they love photography? Most won't be able to tell you. Damion loves the chance to be creative, he loves to think outside the box, look at something from an angle that has never been seen from before.

Then there is the technical love, Damion is a tech head to say the least. He loves to learn everything about all his equipment, he loves to know how each lens will make the same photo look different, he loves to change a shot by adding or taking away light.......... Damion sees a photo in his mind before he has even started setting it up.

It is that attention to detail added to Damion's need for outside the box thinking that makes his style different and unique. Finally, we want to give you something different, something unique and something that catches the eye of people. Whether you love our work or hate our work, we are good with it. We want to create an opinion, we want to create emotion and that is what our Senior photo shoots do.

Every photographer will say their Senior photo shoot is an experience, which is true. Hey, walking to the mailbox is an experience! Doesn't mean it is an experience you will remember. ZeroFourFour Senior photo shoots are an experience you remember.