Stunning senior photo at the Louisiana State Capital
ZeroFourFour Photography

Stunning senior photo at the Louisiana State Capital

The Louisiana State Capital building in downtown Baton Rouge was the location for this fantastic light and airy and very simple photograph from a high school senior shoot

Sometimes the simplest of images can be the ones that take your breath away the most. No distractions from this stunning senior in this image. This photograph is all about Cassidy's incredible smile and entrancing eyes.

I have seen many Baton Rouge photographers shoot in this location but they walk past this actual spot every single time because it may seem a little boring to some, but with the perfect pose, perfect lighting and great composition, this image becomes a show stopper.

You can see more of Cassidy's photos from her Baton Rouge senior shoot in her custom designed album.


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Location: Louisiana State Capital, 900 North 3rd St, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.