ZeroFourFour Photography
Best man helping the groom get ready for the big day
Loving moment between mom and bride with her dress
Bride with her mother and the maid of honor get ready
3 tier wedding cake at the Gatehouse in Baton Rouge
Bride looking in the mirror to put on earrings
Bride with her hair and makeup artist on her big day
Bride putting on her earrings ready for her ceremony
Bride admiring her wedding dress
Hair and makeup on her wedding day at the Berry Barn

Baton Rouge Wedding Photographer - Bride and Groom Getting Ready Photos

This is a selection of some of our favorite shots of the bride and groom getting ready for their big day.

The getting ready photographs have become a big part of many wedding days and there are so many beautiful memories to be captured during the build up to the wedding ceremony. Us wedding photographers love to be given the time to capture this part of the day, the nerves and laughter, the tears from Mom and sometimes Dad, the bridal parties going crazy with excitement as you all get ready for the day you have been planning for a year or even longer.

I love to photograph the bride just as you are getting the finishing touches to hair and makeup and then putting that dress on and all the little accessories like shoes, jewelry, perfume and garters. As each garment goes on the excitement builds and another memory is created and captured.

The I head to the Groom to see him get more and more nervous as I get cool shots of him putting on his tie, cufflinks and vest. Have his best man help put his jacket on and double check his tie is straight before mom steps up to put on his boutonniere, giving her son the final thing her son needs before sending him down the aisle and let him prepare for his bride to walk towards him.